construct | Homeless in the Berkshires: A personal story
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Berkshire Edge 1.5.19

Homeless in the Berkshires: One year later

Saturday, Jan 5, 2019 | Rita Dichele

About a year ago, I shared with the readers of The Berkshire Edge my personal experience with being homeless in Berkshire County, a rural community known for wealth and prosperity. After living five months at Construct’s transitional living facility for the homeless, I was able to find my own apartment, a place I could finally call home. I found my apartment at a Construct property that serves low-income persons, providing affordable housing. My place is clean and well-maintained with awesome property managers and maintenance staff. In fact, it is the quietest place I’ve ever lived in! Every day, I say thank you. I do not take my apartment for granted. How could I?

In my article a year ago, I attempted to share how it feels to be homeless but fell short of truly being able to describe my ordeal—an experience I’d rather forget. Unfortunately, the scars of my ordeal still remain fresh from their original onset of three years or more of being homeless. Looking back, it was a frightening experience accompanied by emotional and physical pains that took over with a fierce intensity that still resonate today. Being homeless made me feel trapped, with no exit from an existence I wanted to run away from. I was locked out of a home I took for granted. The keys I had to access my home were permanently gone and so was a place that provided a safe and warm shelter as well as comfort with physical and emotional issues. Finally, being homeless provoked a feeling of powerlessness that had no boundaries!