Mayfest 2020 - Construct
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Grateful You’re Here

Grateful you’re here is one of the first things folks see when they enter the kitchen at 41 Mahaiwe which is home to Construct’s Transitional Housing. That’s the message we want everyone to receive who crosses Construct’s threshold in any way. We know that COVID-19, historic and acute marginalization, living with low income or in poverty are just some of reasons why this message of welcome is at the core of Construct’s vision, mission and identity.


When the historic effects of violence against people of color are brought into such tragic view as they’ve been far too many times in recent memory so as to choke off life, it should and does take our breath away too. We know, as we have suspected all along, that welcome and service are not enough. Homes our neighbors can afford lose their meaning when violence, disparate access to healthcare and the ability to safely stay home or be at home in our neighborhoods causes almost all of us to react: Some of us to rise up, Some of us to be paralyzed; Some of us to speak, Some of us to remain silent.


At Construct we cannot be silent when lives are at stake. Read More >>

Thanks to all who have joined our family of Mayfest supporters!

You have given so generously at a time when so many more are struggling. Your response has encouraged us to provide even more support to our neighbors who need it most. Today, we raise a glass to you, to all the wonderful Mayfest restaurants, our volunteers and staff.


Please check back to see how generous and supportive our Construct Community is.

2020 Supporters

as of 5/20/20

Lead Sponsor

The Jack and Jane Fitzpatrick Trust
The Green Foundation
Greg and Anupama Poole
Deborah and William Ryan



Bill and Hinda Bodinger
Robin and Elizabeth McGraw
Elizabeth and Gene Rosenberg
Anne Schnesel
Fairview Hospital



Bob Bogomolny and Janice Toran
Todd and Neely Cather
The EACH Foundation
The Hartford Foundation for Public Giving



Michael Alper and Bruce Moore
Tony Chojnowski and Joe Goodwin
Bobbie Hallig
Barbara and Roger Manring
Elaine and Ben Silberstein



Ben Boyd and Dennis Adamson
Paul and Katie Burns
Fred and Karen Clark
Peter Cherneff and Hester Velmans
Neil and Kathy Chrisman
Joel Marcus and Carol Davis
Hellman Shearn & Arienti LLP
Jeffrey and Claudia Keenan
Judy and Allan Marash
George and Carol Minkoff
Brian and Sadi O’Rourke
Susie and Don Roeder
Steven and Helice Picheny
Keith and Arleen Seidman
Fredrick and Karen Smith
Paula Wardynski
White Engineering


Aquatic Designs, Inc
Stacey Billups
Scott and Ellen Hand
Evan and Sarah Hardcastle
In memory of Dorian Held
Nancy King
Sara Koffman
Marion Rosenfeld Jones and Tom Jones
Callie Mack
Elaine and Stephen Mack
Chris and Dawn Masiero
Jonathan Mayers
Mary Rogers
Service League of The First Congregational Church of Stockbridge
Honey Sharp
The Velmans Foundation
Shirley Yohalem
Susan Abromowitz
Aaron Gurwitz



David and Pam Alper
Dermatology Center of The Berkshires
Tom Farley Land Design
Neil and Elizabeth Hirsch
Alan and Elizabeth Jaffe
Merle and Leo Kailas
Yolanda and David Klein
Toby Levine
McFarlane Office Products
Barbara Schulman
Gay Tucker
Hester Velmans
Stephen White
Debbie Williams

COVID-19 Rental Assistance Program (C-19RAP)

C-19Rap provides rental assistance for south Berkshire households adversely affected by Coronavirus/Covid-19. Dedicated funding is in place for Great Barrington and Lenox residents whose income is up to 100% of the area median income. Funding is now available from the Jane & Jack Fitzpatrick Trust for residents of other towns in South Berkshire. Contact Courtney Kimball We’ll do our best to help our neighbors stay safely housed through the pandemic as we have for 50 years.

COVID-19 Programa de Asistencia de Alquiler (C-19RAP)

C-19Rap proporciona asistencia de alquiler para hogares del sur de Berkshire afectados negativamente por el Coronavirus/Covid-19. Existen fondos dedicados especificamente para los residentes de Great Barrington y Lenox cuyos ingresos son de hasta el 100% del ingreso promedio del área. Independientemente de sus ingresos o el lugar del sur de Berkshire donde usted resida, Construct recomienda a sus vecinos que apliquen por este beneficio o que contacten a Courtney Kimball Haremos todo lo posible para ayudar a nuestros vecinos a permanecer a salvo durante la pandemia, como lo hemos hecho durante 50 años.