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About Construct

For over fifty years, Construct has been the leader in the fight against homelessness and housing insecurity in the southern Berkshires.



We have over 80 affordable permanent housing options: This includes 20 units that prioritize homeless families and individuals.  Of which, 13 are for homeless who need supportive services.   In addition, we have 10 units (bedrooms) of transitional housing for homeless men and women.


Construct also provides support services through Cara Davis Project Home  – everything from emergency assistance, transitional housing, workforce  development, housing and financial counseling.


Our Board of Directors meets monthly, on the third Wednesday of every month, and annually on the second Wednesday in June. Please contact us for more information if you would like to attend one of these meetings.


Construct is a 501 (3) (c) not for profit organization.

Mission + Vision

MISSION:  To change and save lives through housing options and a continuum of related services.



VISION: A socially vibrant and economically healthy community with housing for everyone, including the most vulnerable residents and our vital workforce.





  • Safe, hospitable sober environment for all while working for affordable housing for everyone;


  • No wrong door, low barrier access to services and referrals;


  • Trauma-Informed approach to participants, colleagues and volunteers rooted in equitable, relationship building, participatory decision making, power sharing and self-care;


  • Casual, yet professional environment.


  • Coinvestment –equal efforts exerted by clients, staff and volunteers to achieve Construct’s purpose.


  • Self-Determination –equal voice is given to processes designed to ensure affordable housing for everyone though decision making roles will vary.

OBJECTIVE: Housing stability for 600-800 household





1) Increase the stock of affordable rental housing.


2) Provide emergency assistance to prevent loss of housing.


3) Provide workforce development through job training and higher education to result in self-sufficiency.


4) Provide transitional housing and supportive services to individuals over the age of 18 to obtain housing in the community.





The southern Berkshire region, including Lenox, Lee, Richmond, West Stockbridge, Stockbridge, Great Barrington, Housatonic, Sheffield, Ashley Falls, Monterey, New Marlboro and Mill River, Otis, Becket, Sandisfield, and the border towns in Litchfield Country, CT and Columbia County, NY.


Construct Inc. provides comprehensive housing, support and educational services to anyone in the Southern Berkshire region who has lost his or her home or who lacks financial resources to maintain safe, decent and affordable housing.


We are dedicated to helping those in need to rebuild their lives. We provide not only the basics of food, transitional housing and emergency financial assistance, but also adult education and counseling for life skills, employment and housing so people can make the successful transition to lead self-sufficient lives.


With a small highly skilled staff and committed volunteers, Construct leverages time, talent, money, technology and long-standing community relationships to support our mission and projects. The bulk of our annual income comes from individual donors.


We invite you to help us shape a future for the thousands of residents in the region who lack the simple comfort of a roof over their heads. Help us eradicate homelessness in south Berkshire County.