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Berkshire Edge

Homeless in the Berkshires: A personal story

Saturday, Oct 21 | By Rita Dichele

My name is Rita Dichele, and I am considered homeless. I reside at Construct’s Women in Transition House, in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. How I came to Construct is not a unique story. In fact, what happened to me could result in homelessness for anyone. My story is as follows.

I am 61 years old and disabled for multiple reasons that includes an auto immune disease disorder.

Despite my disability, I have been able to obtain three Masters Degrees that have allowed me to teach graduate students, principally online. In addition, I have performed extensive community work in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, serving as a member on town boards. Currently, I facilitate a discussion group at the Claire Teague Senior Center. I am also a volunteer at Construct.