About Us

Construct Tanglewood 14-colorjpgConstruct is committed to providing housing and support for those in need in the Southern Berkshire region.

We provide a range of counseling and support designed to help homeless and low-income to moderate-income people to lead self-sufficient lives.

Our comprehensive services include one-to-one counseling about housing concerns and tenants’ rights; help in finding available housing; life skills workshops, including GED and adult education classes; and immediate financial assistance—an average of $300 per grant—to prevent eviction, restore utilities or relieve similar emergency need.

At the time of this writing, we have 70 units of affordable permanent housing options: This includes 20 units that prioritize homeless families and individuals of which 13 are for homeless who need supportive services in order to remain stable in their housing. In addition, we have 10 units (bedrooms) of transitional housing for homeless men and women.

Our Board of Directors meets monthly, on the third Wednesday of every month, and annually on the second Wednesday in June. Please contact us for more information if you would like to attend one of these meetings.