Mark: The college grad who walks in new shoes

The young man showed up at our door barefoot, dirty, scared, with nothing but the clothes on his back. We were hesitant, wondering whether we could really help him turn his life around.

But there was an air about him and something compelling in his eyes. He struck us as an unusual young man and so we welcomed him into our fold.

Mark was not only determined to change his life, he had enough fire in his belly to make a difference in the lives of others, too. While living at a Construct group home, he earned his GED high school equivalency degree, scoring an astonishing 1,700 on the SAT tests. The average SAT score is a little over 1,500.

Mark worked two jobs, saved enough money to buy a computer, and then moved into a rooming house. He applied to UMass, and, with Construct’s help and recommendations, was awarded a full scholarship.

Some time later, he came back to visit, bearing the extraordinary news that he was transferring to MlT for graduate work.

Mark truly believes that Construct saved his life by paving the way for him to walk with confidence, even when he had no shoes.