VIM Health Series

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THANK YOU VIM! We have entered into an exciting new collaboration with VIM who began offering an informative health education series to the residents of our transitional housing program.  Topics will range from foot care, cooking for one, cooking on a tight budget, stress management, and smoking cessation –  and on some of the topics we will be possibly linking up with some of Fairview Hospital’s support groups. We’re very excited about this new partnership!

Our first topic focused on Foot Care and was lead by Ilana Steinhauer, a nurse practitioner from Volunteers in Medicine. Foot care is a vital concern among those who are homeless who often have to walk miles for services or jobs. And they walk in all kinds of weather – hot summer sun; rainy days; snow and ice – often without properly fitting shoes, clean socks, boots or protective gear. To make matters worse, poor nutrition, healthcare issues like diabetes, and other condition can affect the health of the feet.

The hour-long presentation with hand outs and time for questions was informative and greatly appreciated – even by those who felt they already knew how to care for their feet. When you are homeless, your feet matter much more than one would ever imagine.

Ilana will return next month with a presentation on Healthy Eating. They will make an easy to make/easy on the budget meal together and sit down to enjoy the food and discuss healthy eating.

Construct is very appreciative to VIM and grateful to Ilana Steinhauer for making this health education series possible.